New Glasses Alert!

Fun fact, any pair of glasses you’ve seen me wearing were all prescriptions. I am lowkey blind lol

Years ago when I worked in the mall at Nordstrom I got the best advice from my co worker Maddy. I had just recently purchased some Gucci glasses from a nearby store, she complimented my frames she started to tell me about this new site she heard about with cheap fashionable glasses

… I was intrigued

A site that will send you glasses you choose WITH your prescription already in them for as low as $15

Ain’t no wayyyyy, I thought to myself.. This would save me hundredsss

Anyone who wears and purchases prescription glasses knows it ranges from $200+ especially if you want some designer frames.

Whew, it can get expensive to say the least

That night when I got home I looked up the site, Zenni Optical and purchased a couple glasses and have never turned back since!

I noticed sometimes when you’re on a website often, your smartphone will automatically pop up a similar website, this is how I found out about this new site, Zelool

I told myself next time I purchase glasses it would be from them

Fast forward, this summer my heavy handed ass broke TWO of my glasses.. the Gucci ones were one of em (& that right there made me cry AllMfNight)

And then I must’ve lost this other pair I had cause I just stopped seeing them 😩😭

So I was definitely looking forward to getting my new shipment from

I purchased 4 pairs and my total was $82. Shipping was free and my package arrived about a week and half later. My online recipe said I had a discount of $30.. but I’m not sure why because it was my first time buying from them and I didn’t have a discount code but hey, I’m not mad at it 😝😂😂

Let’s get into my purchase

Name: Newell Rectangle Brown Glasses

Price: $20

Name: Notes Cateye Pink Glasses

Price: $35.95

Name: Benitez Square Blue Glasses

Price: $20

Name: Luheiden Oval Gold Glasses

Price: 33.95

Can you believe I got those all for less than $90 total ?! My favorite pair are definitely the last ones because they are so unique and my least favorite are the pink ones (second ones I posted) they ended up looking less flattering on 😩 hopefully they grow on me

All in all I’m super happy with my purchase and will definitely be going back for more!


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