Me, My Pink Pussycat and A Huge Bruise

Ever randomly think about spicing things up in the bedroom with your partner?

Yea, me too lol! So that’s why yesterday I decided to turn shit up with bae and try something new.. Always been a sexual person so I wondered what it would be like if I tried a stimulant for the first time..

This should be fun..

Trip to Luv Boutique

So we pull up to what we thought VIP was and realized the names been changed but it’s pretty much the same exact place

A sex store… For those who have never been to one, they have all sorts of things there to spice up your sex life. Dildos, Butt plugs, lingerie, numbing cream for things you’d like to numb lmao and so much more cool and weird shit lol

Sex really can be a WHOLE nother world if you’re the exploring type. I like to try new things and be open minded but to a certain extent.

So anyways, me and bae stroll around as we try and find something that catches our attention enough to want to try it.

Near the entrance there was ALOT of weird shit. Like butt shit, nipple clamps and fake pussies lmao So we mostly laughed while we looked around

After noticing we didn’t really see things we wanted, we started talking to the staff to see what they thought were good trys.

After asking me questions about how sensitive my clitoris is, the young lady working rubs some kind of oil on a stick and tells me to follow her to the bathroom because I was about to apply this on my coochie

Well alrighty thenn

My boyfriend immediately says he’s coming too and grabs my hand lmao the lady and him go back and fourth for a little about why he wasn’t allowed to go into the ladies room lmao

It was fucking hilarious, you had to be there lol

So now I’m in the bathroom getting undressed from my lower half so that I can rub this magical oil on my clit.

I guess the oil stimulates your clit giving you an urge or “hunger” as they said, for sexual activities.

Again, I am a very naturally sexual person so I really wanted to know my reaction. I rub what feels like warm lube on and finish up before washing my hands and meeting my anxious boyfriend back on the floor lol

He was curious and excited to know what it was like, so far nothing so we start asking about different things they have at the counter…

Mid conversation I start to feel something…

it feels like some kind of tingly feeling in my panties and catches me by surprise.. Feels so weird tho lmao

Soon after the tingly sensation I start to feel some warmness and I am not going to lie, this made me want to touch myself cause I was feeling warm and toasty lol

Then after the warmness passed, I felt a cool feeling. Honestly, we talking about different sex toys they kept asking me how I felt and If I felt like I was ready, my pussy felt like there was a mild version of Icey hot on it. It was just a lot going on

The lady goes on to tell me and Fresh that they sell out of the oil like weekly and she even has some women buss themselves down (masturbate) in the parking lot because they can’t help it. SHE WAS DRAGGING IT NOW

girl bye

Well, I mean yea everyone’s body is different so maybe it does do that to some girls actually.. Not me tho. Idk maybe I’ll try it again when it’s just me and my man and we have enough privacy to do whatever we feel like doing.

All in all… the lil oil was a fail for me.

While conversing with the staff they told me alittle something about the pink pussycat pll and It had me interested. Next to the pill they had a honey type version of the pill

Which works better or is stronger, you guys think?

I ask the staff, they both agree to the honey and I say bet, let me grab that lol

My boo get’s the man version of the honey and we get some flavored licky thing and cash out.

My Experience

Later that night while having some drinks me and bae decide to take our honey together.

My honey tasted pretty much like regular honey so it wasn’t nasty to digest, my boo on the other hand said his was disgusting and barely finished it… maybe he was exaggerating lol

We get alittle anxious to know what the night might look like so we start youtubing what some people had to say about both honeys

Pink Pussycat Honey

According to the packaging, the honey will give you a more enhanced sexual drive and it can possibly last 72 hours… (they dragged the 72 hours too)

Most of the reviews I saw on youtube were either about the pill instead of the honey. The ones that did talk about the honey they just said nothing really happened for them bla bla. Basically it didn’t work..

We’ll get to what I have to say in a minute ..

Vital Honey For Men

This shit was really funny. There were literally no videos of reviews for men honey or at least none that were in english.

Actually come to think about it, there was one video lol.

Some guy who seemed to be on heavy drugs describing how “strong” the honey will make a man feel and all the fun you’d have lmao

Yeaaa, definitely a good review lol

Ok so now let’s get real and into how it went..


A little while after watching the reviews me and bae start to feel our drinks and begin getting intimate. Things really picked up… mmm

Ok so I did feel an extra urge to get things started. And idk what the hell they were talking about on youtube but that lil honey had me saucyyyy down there babyyy

I was extra wet and our sex drive was on 1000. So much that we didn’t stop until 2AM. YES TWO AM. THAT’S 5 HOURS OF FUCKING lmaooooooo mannnn was it fun tho.

The next day we were soar like we went to the gym from sun up to sun down. Also I woke up with this bruise on my leg lmaooo

All in all, we say YES to the honey lmaooo

Go try some and let me know how it goes 😏


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