Sely’s Memo

Fuck You

It’s cool when you don’t give a fuck. Always being unapologetically yourself

That’s me.

I have and will always be 100% myself. I understand not everyone will vibe with my personality and I get that some people will always have negative or bad shit to say about you.. I get that

That’s out of my control and quite frankly I DON’T GIVE A SHIT

I fell in love with myself exactly how I am, crazy, funny, obnoxious, loud and everything else I am. Some decided it wasn’t for them and others consider me their inspiration, that’s something I haven’t gotten used to.. Not sure if I will

Just because I am human just like everyone else and I have my flaws and things I am trying to work through

I am not perfect nor ever claimed to be. I am however, ME and that’s something I am proud to own.

Why aren’t more people comfortable with themselves and so caught up on what people think or say of them? Is it social media, peoples judgments, or maybe just a perfect combination of everything altogether..

My thing is, the world and women have come SO FAR from how it used to be. Our ancestors and leaders fought to give us this free world we live in. I’d be damned if I didn’t live freely.

People forget to realize that you can compare yourself to one all day and say, I would never do that or say that or wear that, bla bla but here’s the thing,


God created us all different for his reasons. It’s okay to not agree with one or understand them. You have two choices when that happens,

Learn them and be open minded to their views and or way of life OR GO TF THE OTHER WAY

It’s so simple, don’t make it difficult



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