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I feel back to my old self with every day that passes by..

Happy, crazy, loud, and fun.

I think I’m 100% over the sad days and the heartbreak. My life doesn’t have room or space for it right now.

But then I see you.

I see you and all the emotions rush back.

You look like comfort and my eyes don’t want to turn away.

We talk and I could tell you miss me like I miss you. I could tell you’ve been having a hard time just like I have.

After talking we get ready to say bye and it feels like the final chapter to our love story

We hug and I melt

You smell like home and I wish I could camp out on your chest and stay there forever

I begin to let go of you and your still holding on. You needed more time so I melt in your arms again. We stand there hugging each other in silence like there is something we want to say but can’t because our lips are sewn shut.

You say, thank you as I start to walk away. I just turn around and say “I’ll always be here for you” with my hands in the air like i’m surrendering to your friendship

As I walk away I keep thinking of how badly I’d like to run back to you and we have one of those cheesy love movie makeup scenes. But that’s why they are called movies because that’s not really how life works.

I drive off and pull over to a nearby lake. My thoughts are running all over the place like a toddler and I can’t seem to catch up.

Remembering all the good and funny times we had I drown in the memories as I gaze off into the tidal waves.

I smile and start driving off

I’m at peace


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