Lissy Takeover – Weekend Recap


Good morning bloggers and friends,

Happy Monday morning, happy first day of a new week.. There are lots of reasons to be happy but it being rent due is NOT one of them –__–

Forget that for now though, let’s stick to the positives why don’t we lol

Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun weekend.. Mines was a perfect combination of both.

Let’s jump right into it..



Not sure if it’s part of me not being my full jolly self these days but since I moved into my new apartment over a month ago, I had tons of things to put away still and haven’t. I just didn’t care to. Which by the way is NOT like me at all.

Friday I finally found the drive to get it all done. I ‘ve always taken pride in my homes and decorated them really nice. I figured I find that spark again.

I put my bed together along with hanging some artwork throughout the house.. Just all around made the place more ME.

After some of that, I stepped out with a friend, smoked for a few hours and went for a ride out of town to get some food.

It was a pretty chill Friday



I guess I really got back to my old self this weekend. I woke up in the mood to clean my place from top to bottom while blasting music from my speakers.

I swept, mopped, scrubbed the bathroom and all that good stuff.

Catering to my place really felt good. I guess I got tired of sleeping on the floor and feeling like a guest in someone else’s home.

After all that cleaning I got showered and got dressed while my friend Lissy pulled up to my house. We were going to our homegirl’s gender reveal and super excited about it!

I wish we had all this cool shit when I was pregnant almost 10 years ago lol. Gender reveal, maternity shoots, ect. These things have really become a trend.. and one that I enjoy.

My friend Tisha has sworn up and down that she was having a boy. Maybe it’s mother’s intuition? Whatever it was, her sureness made me think otherwise. I was team girl along with my daughter and most of our friends were team boy.

Moment of truth..

The gender was in the frosting of her cake. Here’s the footage of the reveal and some pics!!







I guess me and Lissy were having wayy too much fun because we didn’t eat much of the food that was there and when we left we realized we were starving lmao

Decided we’d get dinner at one of our go-to spots when we don’t know what to eat

Andrea’s on Franklin Ave



I guess you can say we’re getting old because towards the end of our dinner we kept yawning and awaiting the check so that we can go home lol

Food was great as always and we had plenty to save as always. Andreas is like a final resort if we’d like to stay local. Between them and 451 Lounge, we have never had a problem with the food.

Boom, I went home afterwards it was like 11pm and I just watched the Handmaid’s Tale until like 3am lmao

I did not expect to be up that late but Netflix always wins against sleep


Woke up and felt really good. I meditated for a few minutes before doing anything. After that I layed back in bed and smoked some weed I already had rolled up. Dipset playing from my speakers I was in a chill vibe.

I didn’t book any appointments or run errands in the morning just so that I can do this lol My daughter was at a slumber party living her best life (this is the only reason i’d ever smoke in the day time)

So I hung out with myself.

Slowly, I got ready for my 2:30pm massage appointment at Massage Envy in West Hartford, that I was super looking forward to it especially with all this working and organizing my house, my body was feeling super sore.

I arrive and get undressed for my 90 minute session.

I was kind of disappointed that my normal masseuse was on medical leave but I was still looking forward to my session. I do not remember who I had but I do remember why.

She really wasn’t the best (no shade) she just wasn’t MY GUY. Nothing against her, but na I’ll just wait for Leroy next time.



After 90 minutes of that I get dressed and ready to pick my baby up for some of her favorites.. PF Changs and Ritas ice cream!

PF Changs didn’t stand a chance with the pictures because we got busy and fast lmao but I did get two pics of our ice cream date lol



After our date I had to get ready for the show! I got hooked up with two tickets to see Khalid at the XL Center so I decided to bring Lissy with me.

She’s the only friend I have that listens to EVERYTHING just like me. We like tons of different music so I knew she’d enjoy the show with me.

Free Spirit the show


Khalid’s voice is like an angel who was freed to wander the world. It’s so peaceful and I loved his visuals. Very free spirit, ballet inspired, and soulful. Although me and Lissy didn’t know most of the songs he sang lmao we both really appreciated the show.



We left listening to all his music.

Lately me and Lissy have fun been in a weird space and trying to get out of it. Our lives just have alot going on therefore I know we needed a fun ladies night. And that’s what it was.

No matter what Lissy is one friend that I can count on to turn anything around and having a good time. That’s exactly how I am, maybe that’s why we get along so well and truly enjoy eachothers company.

This weekend was fun







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