Dear Struggling Single Parents,


Parenting has to be one of the most important yet difficult things to do in life… Think about it, you are in charge of how this person life goes… sorta. Well you’re in charge for how their childhood goes which eventually has to do with who they mold into as a young adult.

I’ve always dreamed of having that little perfect family and my child being raised with both mom and dad in the household… no reason why that was a dream after all.. (easier said than done).Things are always imagined much easier than they actually tend to be. Sometimes you can only take responsibility for what you do or don’t… Other people are going to do what they please..Doesn’t mean it’s ok, doesn’t mean its your fault.. That just means life is doing what it does best… Being unpredictable!

Weather you know it or not, kids notice and feel EVERYTHING. From the moment they are babies and they hear your heartbeat speed up when your excited to when they feel your sadness when you cry. THEY KNOW. So if there is anybody that doesn’t want to be in the child’s life, no worries. You don’t have to say anything you don’t have to acknowledge it. When that child is old enough to understand they will put it together and start making their own judgements about people and the absence they feel.

Sometimes I really stay shocked and surprised of the things my daughter says to me. I remember last year when she just turned 4 years old, I was doing her hair real pretty, cleaning her room, making lunch, and getting her clothes ready. I was really REALLY overwhelmed I had a long day and was doing so much at once..I guess she saw that I was so busy and noticed all I was doing was for her, nothing for myself… do you know what this little girl turned to me and said!?.. These were her exact words, “you are the best mommy ever, thanks for your effort mom” When I heard her say that to me I could do nothing but smile and cry. I mean things get tough being a young mother you think of what life would be like if you weren’t a mom. How much bigger plans you would have, how much more time and money you might have as well. But things like that remind me why it is all so worth it.

Nobody in this world can ever make you feel more complete than your child looking up at you smiling telling you that your great and they love you so much. No matter how difficult things may be, because they get difficult alright, the unconditional love your own child shows you is more than enough to keep you going. Man I remember when I first had my daughter we were in such a bad place we were in a shelter for a couple of days (she couldn’t even walk at this time) and I cried and cried, I felt like a horrible mother! How could I have us sleeping in a shelter! But I put my big girl pants on, looked at my little girl in the eyes and did everything I had to in order to survive with my babygirl. Nobody felt that pain like I did, NOBODY but having her smiling constantly and falling asleep in my arms, I knew I could get through it. In reality, I had no choice. She was depending on me!

All the struggling I did with my little girl at my hip was totally all worth it. Although I fell into deep depression and almost took my own life about three different times. God had bigger plans for us. And I now see them. I am able to buy my daughter anything she ever wants and we can grab a ticket to anywhere and take a vacation at anytime. That took some HARD WORK. But I just want any single parents to know that no pain lasts forever. And it will all be worth it! Just look at that beauty you created and keep going!!

PS: Quick story on how I turned my struggle around… So I applied for a job at Nordstrom! Deep down I thought to myself I’d never get a job there… So many wealthy people work there and it is so high fashion.. Again, life is nothing but UNPREDICTABLE. I received a call not too long after applying and went in for an interview. Got the job almost on the spot and actually was #1 Sales in the women’s department… A couple of months before this I thought my life was over and there was nothing I could do to get out of that hole….KEEP PUSHING.

I am so going to write a book before I die lol




  1. this is such a sweet post, growing up in a lower class single parent family with my brothers i always appreciated everything our mum would do for us, and in fact made us a much stronger, loving family thanks for this reminder x

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    1. Awww no problem! It’s hard but a real mother never stops until the kids are set. Seems like your mom did everything she had to as well. Much respect for those women πŸ’“πŸ’“
      Thanks for reading by the wayπŸ€—

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    1. Thank you so much and I appreciate you taking some time to read up. I absolutely will write a book because people see me and automatically assume that I have it made or that I never really went through triumphs when In reality I been through some of the worst situations and I changed my life around over the last 7 years. Thanks again!


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